A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Install LED Lights into Your Car

LED bulbs make the best replacement for traditional HID or halogen light bulbs, especially for car headlights. Installing or replacing headlight bulbs on your own is surprisingly easy and if done right, you could save more cash on professional installation. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install or replace old headlight bulbs with LED lights:

The Installation Process

Installing LED bulbs is a fairly easy and straightforward process but before you proceed, get to know what type of LED bulb you need and what kit to get online. Usually, replacing an old bulb with LED light takes about 30 minutes per side.

Step 1: Remove the Worn Out Bulbs

Start the installation by wearing safety gears, disconnecting the battery (disconnect the negative battery cable) and popping the hood open. Go to the back of the headlight housing and carefully remove the old bulbs by twisting each one free (or removing the metal clip) and set aside. Don’t throw these babies away because you might need them back in the future or in the unlikely event that you got defective LEDs, you might have to switch these back. By storing old headlight bulbs, you won’t find yourself in a situation wherein you have no functional headlights at your immediate disposal.

Step 2: Installing the LED Headlights

After removing and storing the old bulbs, get your LED headlight kit and check if you have all the components you need for installation. The kit must come with two LED bulbs, two ballasts, and wiring.

Connect the LED ballast wiring first, placing one end to the new bulb and the other to the original wiring harness. Check if the position of the headlight is correct by powering up the headlight. Adjust the position of the headlight if needed by tweaking the alignment of the screws. Ideally, you want to mount the ballasts away from spots that are prone to vibration, leaks, moisture, or excessive heat. We recommend mounting the ballasts on the back of the headlight housing.

Step 3: Test the LED Lights

After securing the ballasts on either side of the headlight with electric tape or plastic zip ties, you’re ready to test your new LED lights out!

Our Final Thoughts

LED light bulbs are more durable than your average car headlights however; they have to be handled with extreme care during the installation process. Damages caused by mishandling the LED lights during installation will only lead to functionality issues and potentially, costly repairs. To ensure a successful installation, use the right tools and do your research.

It helps if you go online to check the best installation instruction that works for your specific car model. Replacing old headlight bulbs with new ones for the first time may seem like a daunting task but trust us, once you get the hang of it, it’ll become much easier to do again in the future. By learning how to replace your headlight bulbs on your own, you can maintain your headlights without the added costs.

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